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Image reference : 006xwy17
Price range : Premium  
Credit Line : Media for Medical / Science Photo Library / Kateryna Kon
Collection : Science Photo Library
Caption : Destruction of bird flu virus, conceptual 3D illustration. This is an avian influenza H5N8 virus particle. This strain of the virus has caused disease in wild birds and poultry in Europe and Asia since June 2016. Unusually, the virus causes mortality in wild birds, which are more often silent carriers. As of February 2017 no human cases of the disease have been reported, and risk of transmission to humans is thought to be low.
Category : Medicine / Medical specialties / Virology
Model release : not applicable
Property release : not applicable
Restriction of use : None
Format : A3 available
Dimensions : 5120 x 3413 pixels (43.35 x 28.9 cm in 300 dpi)

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