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Image reference : 0075nv17
Price range : Premium  
Credit Line : Media for Medical / Science Photo Library / Kateryna Kon
Collection : Science Photo Library
Caption : Mast cell releasing histamine during an allergic response, computer illustration. Mast cells are a type of leucocyte (white blood cell). They contain the chemical mediators histamine, serotonin and heparin. Histamine is released from mast cells in response to an allergen, causing a localized inflammatory immune response. When an allergen is encountered, B cells (not seen) produce antibodies which bind to protein receptor molecules on the surface of the mast cell. When two antibodies are cross-linked with an antigen the cell is activated to release its histamine by exocytosis. Histamine causes capillaries to dilate, smooth muscle to contract, and many other effects.
Category : Medicine / Human body and pathologies / Other tissues
Model release : not applicable
Property release : not applicable
Restriction of use : None
Format : A3 available
Dimensions : 6000 x 4000 pixels (50.8 x 33.87 cm in 300 dpi)

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