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Image reference : 00ke7c16
Price range : Premium  
Credit Line : Media for Medical / Science Photo Library / Juan Gaertner
Collection : Science Photo Library
Caption : Computer illustration of a T-cell receptor (purple) binding to an MHC-antigen complex (orange and green). The antigen (light green) is a peptide from a tumour cell, bacteria or virus. A number of cells present antigens to lymphocytes via membrane bound major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules (orange). After binding to the MHC-antigen complex, the T-cell receptor sends a signal cascade into the T-lymphocyte cell (top) that activates an immune response.
Category : Medicine / Medical specialties / Hematalogy, Immunology
Model release : not applicable
Property release : not applicable
Restriction of use : None
Format : A3 available
Dimensions : 6827 x 5120 pixels (57.81 x 43.35 cm in 300 dpi)

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